The DigiDenkers

Why this learning network?

In a learning network, participants exchange practical knowledge and experience from a mutual interest in a particular subject. This way, they develop new insights and find new solutions or working methods.

Sounds good, doesn't it?  Keeping our objective of accelerating digitisation in the Flemish food industry in mind, we hope to do this for the subject of 'digitisation’.

Building up this learning network is also one of the specific objectives of the DIGITRACK project.

What is in it for you?

This way of 'learning' can be very beneficial. You can meet other people with an affinity for and knowledge about digitisation and interact to create new innovative ideas. You can discuss best and worst practices based on your own experience and expand on your own digitisation strategy. In short, with this cross-pollination you will gain new expertise that you can use in your own company.

Digital technology providers or consultancy firms will also be featured and will use their experience to tackle specific topics and solutions during one of the eight sessions.

For who?

This learning network is open to all food companies. Affinity with and knowledge about digitisation within your own company is a must. We want to bring companies together that have already travelled a particular 'digital road' and are looking for support for their next steps through this learning network.

Protein Community

Many stakeholders are involved in the protein shift: from farmer to consumer, from the producers and processors of animal products to those of (plant-based) alternatives. And last but not least, the organisations that link sustainability to animal welfare. The Protein Shift Community brings together representatives from all the different corners (federations, organisations and research institutes) to exchange information and constructively search for new opportunities and collaborations.

This community also collaborates with The Next Food Chain business platform, an initiative of BBL and EVA that unites companies that want to get involved in the protein shift.

Bread and Bakery Community

In 2015, Flanders’ FOOD started up and expanded this community initiated by several companies from the bread and bakery sector. Flanders’ FOOD's role in this is that of facilitator, moderator and meeting organiser.

The objective of this community is to promote open innovation and collaboration between companies, to discuss and tackle practical problems, to discuss the long-term challenges the sector is facing, to increase the companies' knowledge and to network.

The target groups in this cluster include:

  • Grain distributors
  • Flour mills
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Artisan bakeries
  • Biscuit producers
  • Suppliers to the bakery sector

Only Flanders’ FOOD members active in one of the above-mentioned sectors are invited to join and may participate in the meetings and activities organised in the framework of this cluster.


"From the Flanders’ FOOD projects with knowledge institutes, several members found it opportune to meet on a regular basis to discuss subjects the bakery sector is confronted with daily. The subjects are approached in a pragmatic manner, in a collegial atmosphere and are explained by experts.  A forum was created from these meetings where we can network, exchange ideas and discuss many different things. We have been doing this for five years now and can safely say it is a success. The high turnout at these meetings is proof of that. Highly recommended!"

Rudi De Schepper - Lantmännen 

Lantmännen Unibake