Solutions for questions and challenges surrounding the application of reverse osmosis, a promising, innovative technology for the reuse of wastewater and process water

RepEAT is a cooperative business project in which food companies from various sectors collaborate with the objective of introducing water recycling into the food industry. In this research project, we want to increase knowledge and provide a solution for the following questions and challenges regarding the application of a promising, innovative water recycling technology for wastewater and processing water.

Project partners

Pantarein Water BVBA manages and coordinates the project. Responsibility for the execution: 

  • Brouwerij Haacht NV under the supervision of Nikki Vreven 
  • Citrique Belge NV, under the supervision of Emmanuel Raskin 
  • Volys NV under the supervision of Mathijs De Brabander 
  • Subcontractor Flanders’ FOOD, under the supervision of Bianca Lefevere
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