Isolation and valorisation of high-quality fungal biomolecules towards agro, feed and food

Fun4Bio is a collaborative business project (type ICON) in which three food companies from different sectors collaborate with research institutes to reach a common goal. Fun4Bio researches the isolation and valorisation of chitin/chitosan and β-glucan (and their derivatives) from various by-products for application in agro, feed and food. 

Project partners

  • KU Leuven – Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry (LMCB) – Contact person: Kristof Brijs 
  • KU Leuven - Translational Research in Gastrointestinal Disorders (TARGID) – Contact person: Kristin Verbeke 
  • KU Leuven - Laboratory of Behaviour and Developmental Genetics – Contact person: Patrick Callaerts 
  • KU Leuven - Laboratory of Process and Environmental Technology (PETLab) – Contact person: Raf Dewil 
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