Marie Demarcke

Marie Demarcke

innovation manager

Bioengineer Chemistry Food Technology

In 2007, after her studies at KU Leuven, Marie worked on a large project at BIRA in Brussels estimating the impact of the Zoniënwoud on the air quality in Brussels. Although tree emissions are quite fascinating, she was more interested in food.

In 2011, she concluded her scientific work with a PhD from Ghent University and started working for Flanders’ FOOD. It’s only a small step from green trees to green algae. Marie is very invested in the broad topic of sustainability and her new/current job seems to fit the bill perfectly. After a number of projects about micro-algae as a new potential food source, projects about insects and microbial protein followed. These projects fall under the 'New & Shifting Resources’ program.

Making our agri-food system more sustainable also means handling our natural resources in a more efficient manner. Marie manages projects about the reduction of food waste in the chain and the valorisation of by-products. During the last four years, Marie has established a firm network in the framework of ‘Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland Food from Food’, for optimum valorisation of by-products and food waste in new food products.

Marie likes to be around people or ride her bike. Recumbent bike, tandem bike, cargo bike, folding bike: she loves them all!