October 2021

Data Driven AgriFood Future conference

Data driven agrifood future conference

The Data Driven AgriFood Future Alliance and its partners host the 2nd edition of the Data Driven AgriFood Future Conference. During this international conference we will focus on the impact of data driven innovations in agrifood and how we can jointly tackle innovation barriers to speed up innovations and their deployment in practice. Together with stakeholders from the quadruple helix we’ll engage in round table discussions on the state of the art and developments in the field of data driven agrifood. And more importantly how to make sure we connect these developments and put them into practice.


Data to action

Collecting data is only the start of data driven innovations. Data is an enabler for various actions in the agrifood value chain. Data can be used for forecasting of weather, yield and demand, but also as activator for robots and cobots in the field and factory. For this theme we focus on examples and developments that are putting data to action!

Data & trust

With the collection of data comes responsibility. The use of data can support creating more transparency in the agrifood value chain. But who owns the data and how can we exchange data in a safe way? And how do regulations for privacy impact this data exchange? For this theme we focus on examples and developments that are supporting a safe and fair distribution of data and help to build trust between partners in the agrifood value chain.

Data & skills

With an increasing use of data and artificial intelligence old jobs (heavy, repetitive and often dangerous) are replaced with new jobs. Training and skills development is essential for these employees. And these new jobs require a different managerial style. For this theme we focus on the new skill set needed and the role of educational and training centers in this transition.

Practical information


26 October 2021 from 20:00 to 22:00


Agri & Food Plaza




AgriFood Capital, S3FOOD, PROTEIN




Simone van Trier (Host)


Keynote “Future of food: decisions that farmers and growers need to be making now”

Ian Proudfoot, Global head of Agribusiness @KPMG


Round table discussion

Data to action with Tobias Menne, Global head of xarvio, Member of the Executive Leadership Team @BASF Agricultural Solutions and Kris van de Voorde, Business program manager @imec.
Data & trust with Johannes Lehmann, Head of Business development for Smart farming @ Deutsches Institut für Normung and Dennis Donahue, Director of Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology @Western Growers Union
Data & skills with Harrij Schmeitz, Managing director @Fruit Tech Campus, Lieven Eeckelaert, Coordinator / advisor at Workitects and Dr. Juliett Ansell, Head of Global Science Innovation @Zespri.




Closing remarks

Simone van Trier (host)


End of conference