ValgOrize: Valorization of algea for a better taste

Recently, the Interreg project ValgOrize was approved. The aim of that project is to locally grow and harvest high quality, stable and safe algae biomass for food and feed purposes in a sustainable way.

Currently, only 0,1 tons of algae biomass is produced in the EU and only 9% is valorized as food. Given that the world must produce 50 to 70% more food by 2050, the entire European value chain of algae biomass must be further developed.

Some questions that need to be solved:

  • How to sustainably grow and harvest seaweed and microalgae in Europe?
  • How to assess the sustainability of the entire value chain?
  • What are the taste features and how to assess the taste parameters of algae?
  • Can algae growth be steered for a better taste?
  • What is the impact of algae in chicken feed on meat and egg quality?
  • What is the investment needed to meet the demand for algae in Europe?

On february 19 in the afternoon the 12 international partners of ValgOrize would like to invite you to a stakeholder event to explain how they will try to answer this questions by the end of 2021 and... what's in it for you.


12:00 Welcome with coffee and sandwiches

13:00 Who are the partners and what do they want to achieve with ValgOrize?

  • General overview of ValgOrize: Johan Robbens - ILVO
  • Seaweed - Potential for food and feed: Klaas Timmermans - NIOZ
  • Microalgae - Potential for food and feed: Patricia Harvey - University Greenwich

14:00 Coffee break

  • Macroalgae and how to build a business with it: Rebecca Wiering - Zeewaar
  • Consumers and how they like algae: Eloise Lemaire - Nausicaa
  • ValgOrize within the Flemish Spearhead clusters: Lien Loosvelt - De Blauwe Cluster

15:30 Wrap up

Moderation: Greet Riebbels - ILVO


CC De Grote Post

H. Serruyslaan 18A

8400 Oostende


Tuesday February 19, 12:00


The stakeholder event is free but please register here.

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