Food Valley Summit personalized nutrition: food for the elderly

Food Valley Summit personalized nutrition: food for the elderly

Nutrition for the elderly takes center stage in the symposium on Personalized Nutrition, organized by Food Valley NL, on 12 October. With inspiring lectures and workshops by well-known experts, the conference will provide insight into the importance of nutrition for the elderly, and trends and applications in daily practice.

What should older people eat to stay healthy and mobile for as long as possible? What sorts of products are there on the market for the elderly? And how do we ensure that what is offered meets and enhances the wants and needs of this growing audience? These are just some of the questions which will be addressed during the symposium on nutrition for the elderly. 


During the meeting, Prof. Lisette de Groot (Wageningen University & Research), Sarah Browner (Innova Market Insights) and dr. Paul Clayton (The Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour, Oxford) share their vision, knowledge and experiences with the audience. 

There are lectures and pitches where both large and small businesses present new products and approaches. During lunch participants can taste these new products and. In the afternoon they can choose from six different workshops, allowing them to learn more about ‘do it yourself’ measurements and about the innovative programs Dementia, physical activity and food; INCLuSilver, ProMuscle and CIALE; and don’t miss the workshop on inter-regional project building.

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