Stefaan Roels

innovation manager (freelance)

Engineer for Chemical and Agricultural Industries

After graduating from KU Leuven, Stefaan got his PhD from the same university for his work on determining factors for the intrinsic quality of commercial wheat gluten. He then worked as a researcher and R&D Manager at Amylum Aalst, as Quality and Production Manager at Molens Geyskens and as Site Manager at Puratos in Lummen.

Wanting to become an entrepreneur, Stefaan started his company ‘BenSBugS’ that aspired to market products rich in insect-based protein. Unfortunately, this dream ended three years later due to lack of sales.

Stefaan currently works as a freelancer for Flanders’ FOOD, supporting the CropExplore project. His greatest passions remain product development and launch. He is also actively involved in the launch of Belcampi, the first Belgian pasta.