Bianca Lefevere

Bianca Lefevere

innovation manager

Bioengineer and Master in Food Science and Biotechnology

Bianca graduated as a bioengineer in 2015 and then went on to get her master’s degree in the land of the rising sun (Kyoto, Japan). With a fresh perspective and brimming with ideas, she returned to Belgium and started working for Flanders’ FOOD as Innovation Manager.

She has evolved into the role of coordinator, mainly for water projects and projects about the re-use of water in the food industry. She uses her open mindset and curiosity to the fullest when coordinating and managing. She is also always available to answer your questions via or with the vraag@-team of Flanders’ FOOD.

Bianca not only loves good food, but also travelling and discovering new (food) cultures. She is also interested in flowers and photography and has recently taken up tennis as well.