About us

Flanders’ FOOD is a unique, strategy-driven platform for the facilitation of innovation, thereby contributing to a more competitive, innovative and sustainable agro-food industry. Flanders’ FOOD levers the innovation capacity of the agro-food companies by enhancing their scientific and technological knowledge by means of an integrated approach of knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and partner matching. This way Flanders’ FOOD also contributes to the economic and social development of the Flanders region.

What we do

What we do for our companies in the agrofood industry is explained in the presentation below.

Mission statement

We believe in the future of the Flemish agrifood industry and together with the companies we ensure that our next generations can enjoy tasty food for a healthy lifestyle


With passion, knowledge and expertise we convince companies to push their limits.



Flanders’ FOOD want to be the first address for supporting innovation along the whole agro-food chain and a lever for Flanders to become a European top region in agro-food.

This way Flanders’ FOOD wants to be the first-choice-partner to cooperate with for to enhance the development of the Flemish agro-food chain as worldwide reference for supply, quality and sustainability of agro-food products.

Strategic Objectives

Flanders’ FOOD has 3 strategic focus areas with in total 8 strategic objectives (SO):


Flanders’ FOOD wants to contribute to making Flanders a top region in food by supporting and facilitating the Flemish agro-food industry in their efforts of product- and process development with an economic level of ambition, reflecting the vision 2020.

  • SO1: Strengthen the scientific and technological knowledge of the agro-food companies (in particular of the SMEs) and strengthen the transfer of the knowledge to the companies with focus on the actual development of new and/or improved products and processes.
  • SO2: Complement the scientific and technological research with economic and societal aspects to ensure the actual implementation of research results


Flanders’ FOOD is proactively addressing the changing needs and challenges of society, such as societal matters, diseases of affluence and the need for a more sustainable use of resources (food, water, energy).

  • SO3: Sensitize and accompany agro-food companies with regards to the possibilities of new forms of organizing labour that fortify the company’s innovation efforts
  • SO4: Prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s societal problems, such like the aging of the population, child poverty, food losses and waste, and food security


Flanders’ FOOD believes in the advantages of cooperation in all its aspects and levels (regional, national, and international).

  • SO5: Create an open innovation culture between companies (in particular SMEs) and between companies and knowledge institutions via collective, cooperative and bilateral alliances.
  • SO6: Broaden focus to internationalisation by making use of the European innovation- and research instruments to ensure the inflow of international knowledge to the Flemish agro-food companies

cross-sectoral and cross-value chain cooperation overarching all three strategic focus areas

  • SO7: Integrate the different stages of the value chain into the actions of Flanders’ FOOD but also initiate, elaborate and specify strategic, cross-sectoral alliances with complementary partners
  • SO8: Compose roadmaps via the three business-driven platforms within the agro-food chain to be proactively prepare for the societal and economic challenges of the future

Core values

The core value of Flanders’ FOOD is to have a long-lasting cooperation with all parties involved, based on the following principles:

  • Reliable and upright partner
  • Objectivity
  • Creativity and open minded

Founding members


Flanders’ FOOD has more than 320 industry-members from all sectors of the Flemish agro-food industry and is has set up strategic cooperation with about 30 research institutions in Flanders and Brussels.


Flanders’ FOOD has a broad network: nationally and internationally. These connections enable us to match our members with the relevant research institutions, companies, and other organisations as well as markets in a fast and efficient way.